• Joshua Wille

why we love coaching

Why we love coaching and the amazing benefits of working as a nutrition coach!

LAB Coaching was founded through my love for nutrition and lifestyle with a lifelong desire to be a role model.

I love helping people and have tried many ways to help others make the changes they wish to make in order to achieve their goals.

Not all of my endeavours and approaches have been successful in the past, but from my experience working as a nutrition coach so far, I have come to realise that the holy grail is not having all the information about nutrition science and exercise, the real results come from understanding people and how to help them change!

Coaching nutrition is about more than nutrients.

By definition, nutrition coaches need to know about nutrition. We need to know for example, Green vegetables are a better choice than candy floss. But there is a lot more to nutrition coaching than macronutrient splits and meal plans.

Coaching is about people. How they feel, how they think, how they live, why they act the way they do.

As coaches we work with real people, dealing with real situations, real struggles with change, all within the measures of real life.

In other words, a nutrition coach needs to be able to communicate effectively with each client in a way that works for them whilst understanding the psychology at play much more than nutritional science.

At LAB Coaching we are interested in helping change lives not just numbers on the scales.

If weight loss is the goal, which for a large number of our clients it is, we can definitely make that happen but in a way that is healthy. We will work with you as an individual to build habits into YOUR daily routine that will become your new lifestyle.

LAB Coaching isn’t for everyone, for instance if you rarely need support making the right decisions you probably don’t need us, if you are in the shape of your life and feel like you have everything you need in terms of information, support and habits then you probably don’t need us.

But if what you have read sounds like you do need us then we can’t wait to hear from you and start getting to know you

Let’s get you to where you want to be.