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Necessity + Accountability = Catalyst for Change

Change is most possible when the idea of not changing hurts too much to be ignored.

When we reach this stage and we know we need to make changes, there is one really strong tool we can use to increase our chances for success.


Start by asking yourself why it is necessary to make changes in your life.

Once you know this, create a situation that evokes accountability, either to yourself or to someone else.

For example - in our house we use this tactic when the house gets messy and we really don't have the motivation to tidy. We spend all day clearing up after 3 young children and if we drop our guard for a small amount of time, it’s very easy for the entire house to look like it’s been trashed by the robbers from Home Alone.

When we find ourselves in this situation, we create necessity by inviting someone over. The thought of someone coming into our house when it’s like this is enough to give us the motivation needed to get tidy and the house is back to normal in no time.

This concept can be used for much bigger goals with the same amount of success, you just have to find a way to remind yourself of the necessity regularly.

If your goal is to lose weight, consider your necessity, not why you want to but why you NEED to lose weight.

Here is an example to help you do this for yourself -

Let’s imagine you are overweight and have been for a long time, it's now at the point where it has dramatically affected your physical and mental health.

Perhaps a recent trip to the GP has not been what you would hope for and you were told you are pre diabetic and they have concerns over the condition of your heart.

Let’s also imagine that the excess weight is the cause of self doubt, low self esteem and confidence as well as the reason why you don’t use the gym membership you’ve been paying for.

These are all very valid reasons as to why you NEED to lose weight.

Now let’s up the ante and consider who else your adverse health effects and how it affects them.

Really consider how changing your lifestyle and losing the extra weight would improve these relationships and long term experience with these people .

Now you know why you need to make changes and who else will benefit from these changes, you have your NECESSITY.

Now let's add in ACCOUNTABILITY.

This can be as easy as setting up a whats app or social media group with the people that matter most to you and the people you feel will cheer you on. Now share in this group that you have set it up as you are aiming to get in the best shape of your life over the next 12 months and you want their help in the shape of support. Your weight loss cheerleaders.

You could commit to posting your weight loss figures in the group every 2 weeks to keep them up to date with your progress and give them instructions on how to successfully help you get back on track if they feel you need a little push from time to time.

Now you have made yourself accountable to these people for your actions and decisions over the next 12 months, as well as putting your reputation and ego on the line.

Imagine this for a second....

Do you think you would be more likely to stick to your plan and achieve your goal by implementing this rather than just setting the goal and keeping it to yourself?

Our guess is YES!

Effectively, this is what we do as coaches. We help our clients find their necessity and become their accountability by keeping in contact and checking on progress regularly.

If all of this makes sense to you but you just don't know HOW to do it or where to start, get in touch and let one of our coaches help.

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