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5 Spice Sticky Chicken & Noodles

This is a really simple show stopper, everyone we make this for absolutely loves it!

The 5 spice sticky coating also works great on a whole roast chicken with some mixed roast veggie or a salad too.

Serves 2

Shopping List

2 x Palm sized pieces of chicken (breast or thigh)

2 x sheets of dried egg noodles

1 Handful of Frozen Peas

1 x Sliced Red Onion

5 Sliced Spring Onions

1 x Sliced Red or Yellow Pepper 

1 x Sliced Carrot 

2 - 3 tablespoons of Chinese 5 spice 

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Salt and Pepper 


  1. In a Bowl add the 5 spice and a generous amount of Salt and Pepper & stir well

  2. Slice your Chicken and coat well with your 5 spice mix

  3. Heat a large pan or Wok with some Olive Oil on a medium heat

  4. Once your oil is hot, throw in your Chicken and Stir Fry until white 

  5. Once all the chicken is white (after a few minutes), throw in all the veg and continue to stir fry until everything if cooked (add a little extra oil if the spice mix is sticking to the pan)

  6. Once everything is cooked pour in enough Sweet Chilli Sauce to coat everything and continue stirring until slightly sticky.

Serve over Noodles cooked according to the packet.


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