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Sian Davies

Falkirk, Scotland


Hi I started with LAB in August (3 months ago) and I cannot recommend it enough. Josh is a fantastic coach he is very supportive knowledgeable and genuinely cares about others. I can honestly say since starting this I feel so happy and much healthier I'm making better decisions and I am constantly making choices for the better I'm exercising and eating healthier, it has totally changed my attitude and way of thinking. I am really enjoying it and its thanks to Josh for explaining that anyone can change and be a healthier and happier person you just have to make small changes at a time and without even realizing it you get into the habit of making better health choices. It's been so important for me to change my way of thinking as I havent been myself for a long time and can genuinely say that thanks to Josh my outlook in life is positive and I am so happy with LAB Coaching thank you so much Josh 🙌




The last few months have been life changing. Josh has been so supportive and encouraging. He is always on hand, whether you’ve achieved something or whether you’re having a tough time with something. He will always be there to celebrate the wins or to create strategies for the difficulties. For the first time in a long time, I feel confident, I am running without stopping and I can sleep at night because my anxiety has pretty much gone.
I couldn’t have done any of this without Josh. He creates a safe space, he doesn’t judge and he’ll do anything that can help you on your journey.



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