Hi, Im Joshua

I’m the guy that started LAB coaching


I’ve been working on launching LAB Coaching for 6 long years and, trust me, it hasn’t been easy. We’ve overcome many obstacles but I’m so proud to finally offer a service I really believe will help lots of people. 

Joshua Wille


We caught up with Joshua about his childhood, career as a dancer, and what inspired him to start helping people through LAB coaching.

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As a young professional I made changes to my diet, started taking self preservation seriously and looked for any way I could to gain the edge and push my body further.

Joshua Wille,

Founder of LAB Coaching

So how did it come about I hear you ask? (If you didn’t ask, I’ll tell you anyway). Unfortunately, it’s not the happiest of stories, but it sparked this amazing adventure, so thanks for joining me on it!


My beautiful wife Vicki lost her mum after an excruciatingly long, 5 year battle with cancer. This really made me think...


”we all know Cancer is terrible, and can sneak up on anyone at any time, tearing families apart with no remorse, but there has to be more that we can do to keep it at bay”


This is where my interest in nutrition became much stronger. 

My Career

So what I’ve not told you yet is that I was a professional dancer. In fact, most people involved in helping me create this business are dancers too. 


As a young boy my ambition was to be an olympic gymnast or a stunt man. As it turns out I was quite good at gymnastics and took my training very seriously, competing for my region and training with the national squad. 

When I reached around 11 or 12 I moved into dance and took this new passion all the way to a very successful career as a contemporary dancer. 

In those early days my interest was in the body, in particular the capabilities of my own body. When working at such a high level you soon recognise the importance of looking after that body.

As a young professional I made changes to my diet, started taking self preservation seriously and looked for any way I could to gain the edge and push my body further

After our professional careers came to an end, Vicki and myself set up Studio 19, a dance school in Norfolk.


To be honest it’s more than just a dance school: our roots are based around 4 key pillars of wellbeing. Physical, Mental, Social & Financial

Whilst running the studio, I came across a guy called Max Gerson. An American physician who developed the Gerson Therapy, a dietary-based alternative  treatment that gained success in curing the chronic, degenerative diseases his patients brought to him. Sounds too good to be true, but, it was exactly what I was looking for.


His research about the bodies ability to heal itself regardless of the disease or what name had been given to that illness was what captured my attention. His case studies showed that if he gave the body what it needed, the body would begin to heal. This is what sparked my enthusiasm for juicing, and the arrival of my first juicer (all the way from California…thanks mum and dad)

This is Max

During a trip to Los Angeles, I got even more hooked and bought my first slow juicer, to start making and selling juice back home. Things escalated and I was soon buying a cold press juicer and then a short time after an industrial cold press to help with making much larger quantities of organic cold pressed juice. 

During my time running The Norfolk Organic Juicery, my aim was always to help people find better health. What I realised after a few years is that, to make the business a success I was becoming more focused on selling the product than I was about the people I wanted to help. To cut a very long story short, I realised I wasn't helping people make permanent change, I was selling them a product and this didn't feel right. 

This is when I came across coaching. After reading a little more about it I knew this was what I needed to do. I signed up to train with Precision Nutrition as their approach seemed to be made for me and since then I realise that their approach is actually for everyone. We should be learning this stuff at school. 

After all these years, I have come full circle and remained obsessed with the capabilities of the body, only now I am passionate about helping others find optimum health and happiness through my abilities to help people change their habits to create the lifestyle they have always wanted. 

Everything in my life so far has led me to this wonderful position I now find myself in. Not only am I able to do a job I love, helping people make lifelong change, I am also a husband to the most amazing woman and a father to three wonderful (slightly crazy) children. 

I take great pleasure in witnessing the positive changes in all my clients and I have found the job I love, if you are reading this, I hope I get to share that with you.



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